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About Us

CMA GURU is India’s topmost global provider of diverse education, and training programs which include professional courses to Post graduate or Under graduate students. Over the years Cma Guru. has expanded all over India. CMA GURU is the best faculty all over India for law and audit. It is the best CA, CS & CMA coaching institute in Kolkata and providing best CA, CS & CMA classes all over India. The students finds his classes hard to miss because of his innovative and passionate teaching style full or positive energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. He is a most excellent teacher of Law and Audit for CA, CS & CMA in Kolkata for Face to Face classes and all over India for Direct to Home classes (D2H) / best Pen drive mode / best Online classes. Quality / Style of teaching of D.K Singh sir is unmatchable, maximum ranks/ pass percentage is from our Institute. The coaching is very well planned & exhaustive and also fulfils their commitment of completing the syllabus on time.


Our goal is to provide high quality education to our students aspiring to become professionals and benefiting society. We aim to create a healthy learning system. We believe that learning should be effective in all means.


We believe that access to knowledge is a very important factor in achieving the goal, by removing barriers, such as quality, accessibility of the classes. We can vastly increase access to the program and deliver literacy to people all over India.